Paula Crawley


Lisa Wigglesworth

  • Appointed as Head Teacher at Callands Community Primary School in January 2012, where the school had been subject to Special Measures until November 2011.

  • Callands secured an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted judgement in all areas in 2016 and was in the top 100 Performing and Improving Schools in that year.

  • Great strength in Middle Leadership in the school, with outstanding teachers who can support in all Foundation Subjects in particular.

  • Designated NLE in 2016

  • As NLE, have supported a number of schools, and school leaders in the region.

  • As well as holding a Masters Degree specialising in SEN, Lisa has also been an LA EYFS Moderator since 2008.

  • Previously Headteacher of a Catholic Primary School with a high percentage of PPG pupils.

  • Facilitated training through the local Teaching School Alliance.

  • Presently converting to form the Omega Multi Academy Trust which is a cross phase MAT with plans to work closely with the Great Sankey High Teaching School.

Jon Wright


Jo Holmes

I am currently Headteacher at Warrington Primary School,  I have worked at Brook Acre since starting as an NQT in 2005 and am extremely passionate about and proud of the improvement journey of the school.

We are situated in an area of social and economic deprivation.  With an average of between 65 and 70% pupil premium eligibility and a significant proportion of children and families known to and with social care involvement, the true belief that every child has potential to thrive and achieve resonates at the core of all we do.   With this belief and relentless expectation to tackle and overcome any barrier to learning that presents for any child, we have transformed the educational outcomes for our children.  The school has shown a 5 year upward trend in improving outcomes and increasing progress measures with level 4 outcomes moving significantly above expected levels in 2015 with 93% combined at Key Stage 2.  The school is now in a strong position, with attainment rising to national averages by Key Stage 1 (from entry levels so far behind those expected at the age of 3 and 4) and with consistently strong performance in Year 1 and Year 2 phonics screening.  Our Early Years Foundation Stage is a model of strong practice and demonstrates outstanding progress from rigorous tracking and specific and tailored interventions integrated into natural provision.  We work closely with our feeder nursery who provides provision for children eligible for 2 year funding and ensure children have a smooth and successful transition – into, throughout and beyond their primary experience.

Over the past couple of years I have thoroughly enjoyed school to school improvement work.  I have worked specifically in another local school, working closely with the headteacher and developing leadership team, as well as with teachers within their classrooms tackling and developing high quality practice for teaching and learning.  I am also part of a group that is leading projects of school to school improvement set up to tackle pupil premium underperformance, working in groups of 3 or 4 schools, to scrutinise practice, identify strengths and address any areas causing barriers to improved attainment.  This project is now working cross phase (primary and secondary) and is part of a philosophy to identify and maximise all opportunities to unpick transition and to ensure a continuity of curriculum and expectation from key stage 2 through key stage 3.

I have a particular passion for meeting the needs of individual students and overcoming barriers to raise attainment for any falling behind others nationally.  Progress is the point and empowering children (and all staff) to own and become a leader of their own progress drive, is the baseline to any improvement journey. 

Primary SLEs

Carla Bonner

Specialism: Science

Carla currently leads science at Primary School in Warrington, where she has taught for 7 years predominately in Year 5 and 6.  She will be starting a new role in September, where she will continue to lead Science in a much larger setting, as well as taking on the role as Year Group Leader.

Carla has undertaken science training with a focus on outstanding leadership in the subject and has been part of various different cluster groups both within Warrington and St Helens. More recently, she has successfully completed a Mastering Middle Leadership Programme with the Warrington Teaching School Alliance.

She can offer support on the teaching and leadership of Science in the following areas:

  • Tracking progress and analysing data

  • Developing assessment systems to assess pupils in the different areas of science- working scientifically, physics, chemistry and biology

  • Assessing pupils against the end of Key Stage 2 interim assessment

  • Planning and teaching science across KS1 and KS2

  • Planning and delivering curriculum days

  • Leading a core subject across the Primary phase 

  • Writing action plans and reporting to governors

Hannah Fairhurst

Specialism:  English 

Hannah is a Deputy Headteacher of a primary school with approximately 330 pupils. She initially began teaching in secondary education - both English literature and Language at Key Stage 3 and 4 level.  She has 10 years’ experience working in primary education- predominantly in Key Stage 2.

During this time, Hannah has lead English from EYFS to Year 6, been Assistant Headteacher for Key Stage 2 as well as leading Mathematics, Behaviour and being the School Disadvantaged Champion.

Hannah has been a Key Stage 2 Writing Moderator for 5 years for Warrington Local Authority.

Hannah can offer support in the following areas: 

  • Assessment of reading & writing

  • Planning units of work to incorporate a range of skills from EYFS to Year 6 including cross curricular work

  • Planning and teaching, reading, writing and SPaG throughout Reception to Year 6

Amy Langford

Specialism:  Design Technology

Amy currently leads Design Technology across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and is Upper Key Stage 2 Leader in a two-form entry Primary School with approximately 323 pupils. She has experience of working in 2 schools within Warrington over the last 7 years; predominantly teaching Year 5 and Year 6. 

Amy has been a member of a cluster group for other Design Technology Subject Coordinators across Warrington for the past 2 years and has supported and shared outstanding practice with others.

Recently, Amy has undergone Health and Safety training to gain accreditation in safe practice of Design Technology. She is also currently working towards the Design and Technology Association Quality Mark.

She can offer support for Primary Design Technology in the following areas: 

  • Tracking progress and analysing data

  • Planning and teaching Design Technology throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

  • Successful transition between the Key Stages to show progression of skills

  • Long Term planning to ensure coverage of all elements of Design Technology and progression of skills

  • Pupil evaluation activities to promote deeper thinking when concluding a project

  • Leading and managing a large number of staff

  • Design, layout and organisation of learning environments; including risk assessments

Claire Lawton

Specialism:  Early Years Foundation Stage

Claire leads a large Foundation Stage department as Early Years Team Leader and member of SLT in a Primary school with approximately 555 pupils. She has experience of working in 5 very different schools within Warrington, Halton and Cheshire over the last 16 years predominantly teaching Reception and KS1. 

Claire has been An Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Moderator for 5 years for Halton Authority as well as a Leading Teacher for Early Years. 

Recently, Claire has been involved in the design, layout and organisation of her school's new building, particularly within EYFS. Designing a large at three from entry department.

She can offer support in the Early Years Foundation Stage in the following areas: 

  • Tracking progress including Phonics and analysing data

  • Planning and teaching phonics throughout Reception and into Year 1

  • Successful transition

  • Talk for Writing in the Early Years

  • Early reading, writing and number strategies

  • Leading and managing a large department 

  • Design, layout and organisation of learning environments in Early Years.


Karen Rodgers

Specialism:  Primary Maths

Karen is Mathematics co-ordinator at a thriving primary school. Karen has been teaching for 19 years and is the deputy headteacher.

She is also a Maths Specialist Teacher. These roles have given her the opportunity to:

  • Plan, teach and share excellent practise with teachers who have a variety of experience.

  • Deliver maths ‘fun nights’ to both parents and children.

  • Monitor teaching and give accurate and constructive feedback which has improved the standard of maths throughout her school.

  • Work with colleagues to plan and carry out maths lessons to cater for all learners; practical and investigative lessons have been paramount.

  • Organised ‘maths day’ for the whole school to experience practical and investigative maths.

  • Implement intervention strategies at Key Stage 1 and 2 to maximise progress, particularly for groups (Pupil Premium, One-to-One tuition and Gifted and Talented provision).

  • Teach demonstration lessons for colleagues throughout the borough of Warrington.

  • Ensure the school website is up to date with useful links and videos for both parents and staff.

  • Monitor maths books and feedback to guarantee that all children are achieving mastery.

  • Plan effective action plans to ensure progression in teaching and learning throughout her school.


Ray Rudd

Specialism:  Dyslexia, Phonics and SEND

Ray has 12 years teaching experience, across all Primary Key Stages, extensive knowledge and experience with the Early Years Foundation Stage as a SENCO and Lead Practitioner. She has extensive experience of leading a large team and has worked across 3 schools. Ray has specialist knowledge in SEND and has recently completed a Master Level Post Graduate qualification to become a Dyslexia Specialist Teacher. As a result of her studies and her SENCO secondment experiences, she has gained a diverse understanding of the key principles of good practice that are required in order to make significant breakthroughs in children’s learning across all age groups.

She can offer support in SEND, Phonics and Dyslexia in the following areas:

  • Tracking SEND progress, target setting and analysing data

  • Leading and managing SEND provision

  • Dyslexia diagnosis and screening

  • Multisensory phonics planning, tracking and bespoke reading interventions

  • Irlen screening (visual stress/ perceptual processing disorder)

  • Inclusive classroom practice and quality first teaching

  • Metacognition

  • Screening for memory, handwriting, processing, reading and phonological difficulties.

  • Early identification of SEND, barriers to learning and graduated response to supporting children

  • Provision mapping, pupil profiles and pen portraits

  • Effective deployment of support staff and resources.


Claire Whittaker

Specialism:  Physical Education

Claire currently leads Physical Education across EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and is the SENDCo in a two-form entry Primary School with approximately 323 pupils.

Claire has been a member of a cluster group for other Physical Education Subject Coordinators across Warrington for the past 2 years and has supported and shared outstanding practice with others.  Recently, Claire has gained the Association for Physical Education Quality Mark and the School Games Mark.

She can offer support for Primary Physical Education in the following areas: 

  • Tracking progress and analysing data

  • Planning and teaching Physical Education throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

  • Successful transition between the Key Stages to show progression of skills

  • Long Term planning to ensure coverage of all aspects of Physical Education and progression of skills

  • Promoting pupil and staff voice

  • Leading and managing a large number of staff

  • Design, layout and organisation of learning environments; including risk assessments

  • Long Term extra academic activity plan

Jayne Wrangles

Specialism:  Early Years Foundation Stage

​Jayne is Early Years Leader at a Warrington Primary School. Jayne has held the EYFS Leader position for 2 years, prior to this Jayne has been a Reception class teacher for 17 years. Jayne has built a highly successful EYFS Team who truly believe that ‘the children are at the heart of everything we do’. The effectiveness of the team is evident in the 10% increase in GLD over the past 2 years.

During her time as EYFS Leader Jayne has:

  • Developed a stimulating learning environment both indoor and outdoor

  • Introduced an Early Years format for planning, recording and reporting to parents

  • Supported and mentored staff building a highly skilled and effective Early Years team

  • Embedded collaborative working across the department

  • Raised the profile of Early Years across the school

  • Built strong, effective partnerships with parents and carers

  • Researched Early Years provision, collecting ideas and sharing knowledge to improve opportunities and outcomes for children


Secondary SLEs

Amy Barlow

Specialism:  Religious Education

Amy leads a very successful RE department in a large comprehensive school. Whilst she has been Head of RE, GCSE results have risen so that, consistently, at least 93% of students are making 3+ levels of progress, 70% 4+ LoP and 38% 5+ LoP. Uptake at KS5 has increased by 200% and 86% of students are achieving an A*-C. She is an experienced examiner for Edexcel and is also a member of SACRE and is currently supporting Warrington LA to introduce the new agreed syllabus.

As an SLE Amy can support schools with:

  • Implementing the new Warrington Agreed Syllabus

  • Developing collaborative learning activities to help deepen understanding and develop enquiry skills

  • Raising levels of progress made by students

  • Increasing student engagement


Katrina Beswick

Specialism:  Maths, behaviour & discipline

Katrina is Deputy Headteacher of a very successful, large comprehensive school awarding Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in 2010.  She is a member of the mathematics department and has taught across key stages 3, 4 and 5.  She has a record of supporting both individual staff through courses such as the Graduate Teacher Programme and other schools in challenging circumstances.

Her leadership background has been through the Pastoral system where she has led on whole school change from a year to a house system to ensure all pupils are known personally within the school.  She is very analytical and has an eye for detail.

Her current role within school is the forensic use of data to raise achievements and close the gap.  Katrina believes in the development of the whole child and has supported others in developing both classroom and school based systems to engage pupils and manage behaviour.

As an SLE Katrina can support schools in:

  • Developing the Mathematics curriculum at KS3 & KS4 to ensure progression and supporting individual staff to develop their teaching repertoire and behaviour management strategies.

  • Supporting the development of the use of data

  • Understanding pupils behavioural needs within both the classroom and the school


Graham Brighouse

Specialism:  English, T&L

Graham is an Assistant Headteacher with whole school responsibility for Teaching and Learning in a large comprehensive school (Ofsted graded Outstanding 2010).   In his current role he has developed a diagnostic approach to supporting departments within school to improve the quality of teaching & learning; he is using this approach on a current deployment at a school in Knowsley.  Prior to becoming an Assistant Headteacher, Graham led a very successful English Department for six year raising three levels of progress from 52% to 91%.

Feedback following recent deployment at another High School:

"Our overall English is 71% 3lop and 33% 4lop. Last year we were 37% 3lop and 4% 4lop. "

  • Experienced facilitator for Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP)

  • Four years as AST with a particular focus on AfL

  • Outstanding classroom practitioner with experience of coaching and developing a team of English teachers.


Andy Day

Specialism:  ITT, NQT & CPD

Andrew is Director of Great Sankey Alliance and has expertise in developing a range of professional learning programmes for teachers at all stages of their career including; ITT, NQT, RQT, aspiring middle leaders, experienced middle leaders, senior leaders.  He has considerable experience of developing cutting edge ITT programmes, working in partnership with HEIs and is leading School Direct for Great Sankey Alliance (Eight Primary Schools, a Special school and two Secondary Schools). 

  • Alliance lead, School Direct lead

  • Leading partnerships with schools, HEIs, NCTL and licensees

  • OFP trained facilitator with experience of facilitating Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) to improve the quality of teaching and learning

  • Effective co-ordination, training and deployment of SLEs and evaluation of impact

  • 7 years’ experience as Head of Drama & Media


Tim Eden

Specialism:  Leadership of Music, T&L

Tim is an Assistant Headteacher at a successful, large comprehensive school awarded "Outstanding" at their most recent OFSTED.  Tim’s role has, over recent years, included being part of a team of five leading out the Middle Leadership Development Programme in the Warrington area and has an additional role at his own school developing Teaching & Learning whole-school with a particular focus on CPD , Stakeholder Engagement and Learning Technologies. At previous schools Tim has acted as an Advanced Skills Teacher for Music across the authority.

As an SLE Tim can support schools in:

  • Music delivery including primary level and the use of ICT in Music

  • Middle Leadership skills

  • Managing a successful Arts faculty

  • Developing outstanding classroom practice including active/independent learning, questioning and learning technologies

  • Promoting Teaching & Learning whole-school


Virginia Farmery

Specialism:  MFL & CPD

Virginia is an Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Teaching and Learning.  She has over 20 years teaching experience and has been Head of Department for MFL for much of this time. In her previous role as AST in MFL Virginia developed the quality of teaching and learning and led cross-curricular enrichment events.

  • Development of lead learner programme (coaching for improved T&L)

  • Talented & Gifted Coordinator

Virginia is currently deployed in St. Helens where she is working with a Head of MFL and the department to improve the quality of schemes of learning to ensure progression from KS3 to KS4.

Tony Gledhill

Specialism:  Science

Tony is Key Stage 3 coordinator for Science at a successful, large Comprehensive School graded outstanding in 2010. In addition, Tony has experience as Head of Science and has helped to grow the number of students achieving two good GCSE grades in Science from 72% to 82% during a period when national trends were downwards.  Tony is also currently working with the North West Science Learning Centre to develop and deliver effective subject specific CPD.

As an SLE Tony can support schools in:

  • Developing a curriculum to suit individual school needs, allowing progression through all key stages.

  • Effective use of diagnostic data to develop intervention strategies across all key stages.

  • Developing a CPD programme specific to the needs of a Science department.


Sue Harrison

Specialism:  Science, Attendance and Behaviour & Discipline

Sue Harrison is an Assistant Headteacher in a very successful, large comprehensive school awarded Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in 2010.  She led a successful Science department for over five years which achieved an Outstanding Ofsted grading under her leadership. As Director of the Engineering Specialism, Sue worked extensively locally and nationally on school to school partnerships to promote and support all aspects of STEM education including curriculum development, industrial links and the development of a STEM culture in schools. Currently in charge of whole school attendance with responsibilities for safeguarding, behaviour for learning and pastoral care, Sue has developed a rigorous approach to monitoring and tracking attendance.

As an SLE Sue can support schools in:

  • Developing the Science curriculum at KS3, KS4 and 5 to ensure progression and supporting individual staff to develop their teaching repertoire and behaviour management strategies.

  • Promoting and developing STEM as a whole school focus

  • Developing attendance monitoring protocols

  • Understanding pupils behavioural needs within both the classroom and the school


Michael Hay

Specialism:  Maths

Michael is Mathematics co-ordinator at Key Stage 4 in a very successful, large comprehensive school.  GCSE results in the Mathematics department are on an upward trend moving from …. To …….Michael has previously been responsible for STEM (3 years) and Key Stage 3 (5 years) and whilst in these roles he developed the curriculum and supported improvements in teaching & learning.

As an SLE Michael can support schools in:

  • Developing the Mathematics curriculum at KS3 & KS4 to ensure progression, including A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

  • Implementing intervention strategies at Key Stage 3 and 4 to maximise progress, particularly for groups (Pupil Premium, One-to-One tuition and Gifted and Talented provision)

  • Providing Inset on new and evolving technologies to support Teaching and Learning in Mathematics

  • Delivering the CAME programme in Mathematics


Chris Hillidge

Specialism:  STEM curriculum, whole school quality assurance processes

Chris is an assistant headteacher who has developed innovative approaches to teaching a whole school STEM curriculum, involving external partners in Industry and Higher Education. These approaches are recognised by Ofsted as a considerable strength.

He has achieved external Accreditation for STEM provision in the STEM Assured quality mark – the only UK school to do so. He has also advised other schools and colleges on how to achieve this.

Examples of collaboration between Higher Education and schools are exemplified by the FabLab that Chris has developed within a school setting. This unique development links MIT, Boston and the Manufacturing Institute in the UK. Chris can advise on how to engage industrial partners to enrich the curriculum experience of our students both in school and beyond.

Chris is leading the World Conference for the Coder Dojo Foundation in October 17 that brings together cutting edge computer science experts from across the world. In addition to developing the Warrington Hub for Computing at School organisation – a DfE initiative.

Chris can also advise on how to manage a rigorous quality assurance schedule across the whole school and more importantly what actions need to be implemented to ensure impact. He can advise on how to engage middle leadership to take ownership of the QA process to drive sustained improvement. Again, accurate self-assessment is recognised by Ofsted as a key strength.

Janice Malone

Specialism:  Safeguarding & Attendance

Jan is the Strategic Lead for Safeguarding at a very successful, large comprehensive school, awarded Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in 2010. She has twenty two years’ experience of working in variety of safeguarding roles. Jan served as a Police Officer for eleven years and through intensive training and experience, developed her skills as a specialist in matters of child protection, and safeguarding victims of serious offences against the person Liverpool.

For the last sixteen years, since her retirement from the police service, Jan has worked in a variety of pastoral roles in three primary schools, and a very large mixed comprehensive school in inner city Liverpool.

She has a wealth of experience working collaboratively with external agencies to provide support for the most vulnerable pupils, enabling them to access the education they deserve and to reach their full emotional and academic potential.

As an SLE Jan can support schools as follows:

  • Developing a robust and effective safeguarding reporting and recording system

  • Providing  bespoke safeguarding training in a wide variety of specific topics

  • Providing advice and support when faced with situations that need to be dealt with efficiently and according to statutory requirements

  • Supporting the development of ‘early help intervention’ and encouraging a mutli-disciplinary approach to safeguarding

  • Raising levels of attainment through implementation of strategies to promote excellent attendance and reduce persistent absenteeism

Paul Masher

Specialism:  Behaviour & discipline and Attendance

Paul is the Senior Head of House in a large comprehensive school (Ofsted graded Outstanding 2010). With 10 years’ experience as a Head of Year / Head of House, Paul has vast experience in supporting colleagues across the whole school in the use of positive behaviour management strategies.  Paul has developed the use of SIMS behavior management across the whole school to monitor behaviour, which has enabled curriculum areas and the pastoral team to spot patterns and to provide earlier intervention to support pupil progress. With whole school responsibility for the operational aspects of Behaviour For Learning and rewards.

Paul is able to offer the following support:

  • Develop effective classroom and whole school strategies to promote behaviour for learning

  • Strategies to become proactive rather than reactive when managing behaviour

  • Development of a positive rewards based environment which creates a contagious achievement focused culture


Adam McMillan

Specialism:  Leading of Teaching & Learning and coaching support, Performance Management, and assessment systems

Adam is Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at a Secondary School in Warrington. Since being appointed Adam has put in place strategies that have dramatically improved the quality of teaching and learning and the rigour of Performance Management. Adam has overseen improvements in Teaching and Learning that have seen coaching used as a driver of school improvement at all levels and innovative strategies such as Lesson Study, utilised to improve teaching.

Adam has also led on development of a new assessment model in Key Stage 3 and co-ordinated a successful Middle Leadership development programme.

During a recent inspection of the school Ofsted commented that ‘Performance management is very robust. High levels of accountability are balanced by high quality developmental and coaching support ‘and furthermore, that ‘Staff training is focused and of high quality’.

As SLE Adam can support schools in:

  • Leading of Teaching and Learning

  • Systems for robust PM

  • Middle Leadership development

  • Assessment


Joanne Meredith

Specialism:  Music & Cultural Arts

Joanne is Head of Music and leads a very successful department of 15 members of staff, with an outstanding track record of results at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. She is working as a SLiCE in conjunction with Curious Minds to produce research papers and CPD for teachers and trainees within the Great Sankey Alliance. Joanne is working in collaboration with a number of NPO's including the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Manchester Camerata & Culture Warrington.

As an SLE, Joanne will work with leaders to provide:

  • Cross curricular project support

  • Specific specialism in Key Stage 4 and 5 Music

  • A*/A/ Grade 9 teaching & intervention strategies

  • Retention and growth strategies for KS4- 5

  • Support for building a diverse and accessible extra-curricular programme

  • Support in building Music Technology within the curriculum


Alan Pinnington

Specialism:  ICT/Computing

Alan works at an outstanding Warrington secondary school with responsibility for leading the ICT & Business Studies faculty. The success rate of this faculty for the past 6 years at Key Stage 4 has been 100% (A*-C) on all its GCSE ICT & Vocational based Level 2 ICT courses.

Since September 2008 Alan has led the faculty through many exciting changes from national vocational qualifications to GCSE and is currently leading on the change to GCSE computing.  To make this effective Alan has led the faculty into adopting the new KS3 Computing curriculum and has co-ordinated the redesigned of this curriculum to meet this exciting new phase. 

Alan has also been involved in mentoring ITT students since 2006 and has had high quality results with a variety of associate teachers throughout that time, all of which have entered in to full time employment within the education sector.

Alan also carries a whole school responsibility for running the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme at Bridgewater. As part of this role, the school was awarded its own Duke of Edinburgh’s Award operating license, making it the first state school in the UK to be award such a licence. In conjunction with this license, Alan was also successful in applying for a HSE AALA license for Bridgewater High School, again making the school one of the only state schools in the UK with this kind of license.

As an SLE, Alan can support with:

  • Developing the ICT/Computing curriculum across KS3 & KS4.

  • Teaching and learning strategies to help engage and motivate learners in ICT.

  • Raising levels of progress & performance made by students within his given subject area.


Stephen Readey

Specialism:  Maths, T&L, Coaching, Middle/Senior Level Development

Stephen is an experienced Senior Level Leader, lead maths practitioner and teaching and learning specialist.   He has vast experience and expertise in developing teachers, middle level and senior leaders. His extensive knowledge of teaching and learning pedagogy, behaviour for learning, AfL and active learning strategies inspire, challenge and motivate teachers and students.  

Stephen led a maths faculty in an inner city secondary school under challenging circumstances from 14% A to C to 58%. Stephen is a trained facilitator with experience of delivering Improving Teacher Programme (ITP) and Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) to improve the quality and impact of teaching and learning. 

As an SLE Stephen can support schools with:

  • Developing maths teacher, leaders, middle leaders and senior leaders

  • Literacy strategies in maths

  • Effective intervention and data analysis with particular focus on selected groups such as PP, EAL, underachieving and gifted

  • Developing the maths curriculum and numeracy at KS3 and KS4.

  • Develop classroom practice through outstanding teaching pedagogy and practice, such as AfL and active teaching

  • Developing coaches within a school which allows a school to be self-sufficient

  • Understanding pupil behaviour within the classroom and effective teaching strategies to support learning.


Michael Scott

Specialism:  Curriculum & SIMS.net

Michael is sole Deputy Headteacher in an outstanding secondary school with Academy status. His current portfolio of responsibilities are wide-reaching, but areas of particular expertise are in curriculum design, staffing, timetabling and use of SIMS.net for assessment, behaviour and pastoral monitoring. Michael has helped schools to improve their systems, performance and Ofsted judgements and has provided bespoke training in schools in the North West and international schools abroad. Recent deployments have included training for pastoral staff in SIMS Discover, an external review of school staffing and management structures and annual timetable writing for an ever increasing number of schools per year.

Areas of thinking include:

  • If your school is needing to make cuts/changes to staffing or subjects, how will this impact on Progress 8? Where can savings be made?

  • Do you require a TLR restructure to reduce spending?

  • Will you still ensure your students are challenged and have as wide a curriculum offer as possible?

  • Do your staff need to use SIMS.net more effectively to monitor behaviour and assessment and have a more holistic view of a student’s progress?

  • Do you have a new timetabler in post or is your current timetabler leaving/retiring? Multiple day timetabling courses may teach the basics of software, but they rarely help timetablers adapt to their own school’s data and individual, bespoke support is usually far more useful.

Michael has received positive feedback on all his deployments from schools with NOR 600 to 2000 and is willing to deliver training/support individually or to groups of staff.


Sarah Sinclair

Specialism:  MFL & AfL

Sarah is an experienced MFL teacher delivering French and Spanish at KS3 and 4 at a large comprehensive school. In addition, Sarah has experience as Head of Languages and as an Assessment for Learning coach. Sarah also undertook a CPD role as an associate member of the SLT responsible for the development of a revised meeting and Assessment cycle.

She has;

  • Experience in supporting colleagues at different stages in their career.

  • Led whole school training on using Assessment for Learning strategies to promote progression

  • Developed the Languages Curriculum at KS3 and 4 to ensure progression

  • Implemented intervention strategies at KS4 to maximise progression in controlled assessments

  • Acted as a coach to ITT’s, NQTs and experienced colleagues in the development of AfL strategies


Louise Stubbs

Specialism:  Applied Learning, Leadership and CPD

An experienced Business teacher across the 14-19 curriculum Louise was a Head of BEICT before joining SLT and is able to offer support to business studies Departments.  Louise is an experienced Assistant Headteacher & Quality Nominee in a large secondary school, graded outstanding (Ofsted 2010).  She has had extensive experience in Enterprise education having led the NESH (National Enterprise Specialist Hub) for Engineering Colleges and been a founding member of the Merseyside ELP, a Community Interest Company.  As Quality Nominee she has worked with a number of schools to assist their selection of appropriate courses and in establishing their QA systems and policies and procedures. Prior to teaching Louise had a successful media career and is able to support schools in establishing a positive digital footprint and in improving their public image.  In her own school she has developed a Business Breakfast which takes place with local business every half term, fostering positive relationships with the local business community, providing school with a pool of guest speakers and expertise. Louise’s recent deployments have been in Business Education supporting Heads of Department.

As a Specialist Leader of Education, Louise is able to offer support in:

  • Leadership of the applied curriculum

  • PR

  • Enterprise education.


Robert Ulring

Specialism:  Use of data & ICT

Rob is Lead Teacher of ICT and Computing at a large Comprehensive School graded outstanding in 2010. He has developed the curriculum to include the newly introduced computing element allowing. He has also implemented assessment strategies across key stages which allow students and staff to clearly see pupil progress through each unit of work. This also helps to identify any students who may need some intervention.

As an SLE Rob can support schools in:

  • Developing a varied curriculum to include computing

  • Developing a successful assessment strategy which suits both the students and staff


Christopher Wright

Specialism:  Use of data & ICT

Chris is an Assistant Head of a very successful, large comprehensive school, awarded Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ in 2010.  He has taught at the school for over 30 years as both a Maths and ICT teacher and also led a very successful ICT department for many years. As assistant head Chris has been responsible for whole school ARR, target setting, use of data to inform intervention, analysis of results and strategic ICT. Currently Chris is Head of Barrow Hall College.  He has extensive experience of supporting colleagues in the use of data for school improvement and was part of the Warrington Leading Edge team.  More recently he has supported schools in Warrington and Knowsley.

As an SLE Chris can support schools in:

  • Using data to inform intervention and school improvement

  • Training in the use of SISRA at KS3, 4 and 5

  • Target setting principles and systems at KS3, 4 & 5

  • Supporting the development of the use and analysis of data

Special Schools

Gary Sykes

Specialism:  Special Educational Needs, disabilities and Support

Gary is currently cover supervisor and Manager for teaching Assistants at Green Lane School Warrington, a special school catering for pupils with complex learning needs and physical disabilities (aged 4 – 19). The school was awarded its third consecutive Outstanding OFTSTED in 2015. Prior to this post Gary worked at Oakwood Academy in Salford, another Outstanding Special School, where he supported and taught all subjects on the curriculum. He managed a small number of teaching assistants and was responsible for performance management and lesson observations.

With 27 years of experience in both supporting and teaching pupils with SEND Gary has been able to offer training to Mainstream and Special School colleagues on all matters regarding SEND and support staff throughout Greater Manchester via the Greater Manchester Challenge. More recently Gary has provided support to schools within Warrington on Teaching Assistant Training and Performance Management. Gary has also delivered courses to School Direct trainees, NQT’s and RQT’s on the effective support of SEND pupils and the effective use of Teaching Assistants in the classroom.

Gary can support schools through developing bespoke training packages for teaching assistants, enabling them to become more effective in the classroom and enhancing the progress of pupils with additional needs. He can also support with specific needs of pupils with SEND. Gary can support schools wanting to develop a Teaching Assistant Appraisal Scheme/Performance Management.

Gary is passionate about all aspects of SEND. He believes strongly in inclusive Education and the progress that pupils with additional needs make. He has extensive experience of supporting and teaching pupils with additional needs in both Special and Mainstream settings.